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  • Employment Announcement

    Westmoreland Sanctuary is looking for a Marketing Associate to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for the organization. This includes digital communications (social media), printed materials, planning, and attending marketing events.  Assists in all other fundraising activities of the organization. This is the ideal position for a self-starter who hopes to

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  • EXPLORE THE SANCTUARY: A Treasure Hunt in the Woods 

    An Orienteering Event for Singles & Families (from new to experienced) Date: Saturday, October 24, 2015 Time: 10 am to 1 pm (start), courses close at 3 p.m. Three courses – from Beginner to Intermediate –do one or do all.  There will also be three advanced courses, for more experienced orienteers.

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  • Cameras for Conservation – We Need Your Help!

    The use of game cameras as a tool in conservation has gained ground quickly in the last few years.  No longer must biologists try to trap animals in order to study them.  Westmoreland is 640 acres of pristine forest, wetlands, and fields. Game cameras will allow staff, students, and interns to

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