Coyote in Wildlife Management Area Stream

The use of game cameras as a tool in conservation has gained ground quickly in the last few years. No longer must biologists try to trap animals in order to study them. Westmoreland is 640 acres of pristine forest, wetlands, and fields. That is a lot of property to monitor the flora and fauna. Game cameras will allow staff, students, and interns to track the wildlife that uses Westmoreland as a home and as a greenway on their travels. Join us in our campaign to get new game cameras for Westmoreland Sanctuary.

Preliminary efforts have caught turkey, bobcat, coyotes, fox, skunk, hawks, and ravens on cameras that were borrowed.   Westmoreland is hoping to raise enough to obtain 2 new game cameras, as well as, the necessary accessories needed to run the cameras and keep them secure. One of our main goals this summer would be to track a newly sighted 3 legged coyote and monitor its movements. We would also like to pilot a program to try and monitor a previously used eastern box turtle nesting area for signs of nesting in order to help locate nets and protect them from predators.

As you can see from the picture, these are high quality pieces of equipment. This work will not be possible without your help. Photos obtained from the game cameras will be posted on our blog and website regularly to help donors follow the discoveries right along with us. Won’t you consider donating today? We would love to have you as part of our conservation family.

For more information contact Steve Ricker, Director of Conservation and Wildlife Management at

Update:  Thanks to the generous donations of The Bai Family, The Anderson Family, and Kate Muntz we were able to purchase one more game camera!  We also were generously given a discount price from The Reconyx camera company.  It is currently being used to monitor the corridor that we believe wildlife is using to connect from Westmoreland Sanctuary to the Byram Lake Area.  See our new gallery below and don’t forget to donate above to further the effort.